10 reasons to choose Lightnet Luminaires

We have had the fantastic experience of visiting Lightnet’s facilities several times in recent years. These factory visits give us the reassurance and belief in the quality produced by Lightnet, and it makes us proud to provide the Irish market with luminaires of the highest standard, both in terms of energy efficiency and overall build quality. 

So, what separates Lightnet from other manufacturers?



Lightnet Luminaire Manufacturing

Our partners at Lightnet develop and produce every product listed in their 2020 catalogue in-house. Their production facility is one of the most modern LED production sites in Europe. Over 16,000 square meters in size, there is adequate space for the complete process, from the idea generation to series production. 

The following in-house activities ensure the highest level of quality:
  • Optics calculation
  • Temperature simulation
  • Layout development 
  • LED board production 
  • SMD assembly
  • All mechanical production steps 
  • Extensive surface technologies and 
  • Electrotechnical and photometric testing

Lightnet laser Machinging

From the above, it is easy to recognise that everything is brought together in one complete facility to ensure quality from premanufacturing right-through to assembly. This guarantees efficient processes with maximum flexibility for bespoke products while providing unrivalled quality and performance across the range.

LED Boards Produced In-House

Lightnet LED Chips

First and foremost, Lightnet prints their own PCB boards in-house unlike a lot of manufacturers who rely on supply from third-party manufacturers. Taking control of the full manufacturing process allows them to produce LED of the highest quality with no shadow gapping that is typically found on poor quality fittings. 

Configuration & Assembly

production facility lightnet

Each product is unique and configured in a complex production process according to customer requirements. Details like style, proportion, surface, optics and colour temperature are matched across all collections, so it is possible to combine any of Lightnet’s luminaires with each other within the same space to ensure consistency.

In addition to all these options, you also have endless possibilities when it comes to entirely custom-made solutions. This level of customizability is a unique offering to the market and allows us to create the right luminaire for each project.

Furthermore, when it comes to onsite delivery, Lightnet’s solutions are pre-assembled, which is hugely beneficial to the electrical contractor. For larger bespoke pieces, Lightnet implements a click and connect system that allows the contractor to assemble each piece at ease. Assembly is often a concern with contractors as many other manufacturers do not fully-assemble luminaires for site delivery. Not only does this save on time, but also helps to reduce project costs overall.

Quality Certified and 5 Year Warranties

(without the small print)

Lightnet luminaires meet the highest demands in terms of quality, performance and product life. Their engineers have a proven track record for developing innovations on an ongoing basis. Quality testing takes place in the development and test laboratories which, like production and sales, are certified according to the international quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001. 

In addition, Lightnet sends their products for testing to renowned external agencies: Their product portfolio contains certification marks for Europe (ENEC), USA/Canada (ETL), Mexico (NOM) and Australia (RCA). Lightnet offers only high-quality, durable goods, and this is supported with a 5-year warranty across its entire product range.

Another key difference between Lightnet and other manufacturers is the transparency of their warranty policy. Many manufacturers will not honour a warranty if the fitting is powered on for a certain amount of time each day. Lightnet, on the other hand, will honour warranties regardless of their usage throughout the day. If a Lightnet luminaire fails after operating for 24 hours per day, 365 days per year – your warranty will be honoured.

Surface Designs

Bespoke Luminaire finishes

Sometimes the demand for surface design can countermand luminaire selection, but this is not the case with Lightnet products. Firstly, we can supply your luminaires in a RAL colour of your choice to meet the project requirements.

Additionally, 24 high-quality surfaces are available on demand. This is possible because Lightnet integrates various industrial and craft techniques in their production operations. They use a wide range of colours as well as diverse designs and structures. Or different materials such as woods, metals and concrete. Lightnet has recently installed new paint booths for powder coating and wet lacquer. This allows you to benefit from extensive design possibilities. 

Learn more about finish options here


Lightnet testing facility

A good lighting scheme helps us to create an atmosphere and integrate into the overall architecture of a space and create an atmosphere for the end-user. 

Light colour temperature, colour rendering and spectral composition also affect the rhythm of life, mood and performance. To enable you to achieve the most differentiated lighting design, Lightnet offer luminaires in a wide range of colour temperatures from 2200K to 6500K for all products. 

Almost all of their luminaires are available in the colour rendering standards CRI>80 and CRI>90. And to go even further: they offer the configuration of the light spectrum. 

Our Full Spectrum standard, based on sunlight, has a positive effect on health and guarantees unsuspected vivid colours and sharp contrasts.

A higher UGR (unified glare rating) is achieved with the addition of an opal diffuser. This reduced glare can be particularly beneficial in office spaces.

Lightnet products also state lumens delivered as opposed to the majority of manufacturers who will indicate the luminous flux of the module instead of the luminous flux of the fitting itself. This allows our lighting engineers to provide accurate lighting calculations for the client. 

Extensive testing

Lightnet research

Lightnet has procedures in place to ensure the highest standard of quality is achieved for every luminaire that leaves the factory. All Lightnet luminaires are made to order and can be delivered in 3-5 weeks. Rigorous testing and systematic checks are in place to ensure each luminaire meets the quality control standards for construction, assembly and shadow gapping.  

After Service and Support

Lighnet Packaging department

We have used Lightnet products for many years to date, and we can offer support to all of our clients. The technical team provides support for all issues in Ireland – and we can reassure you that all problems will be addressed within 48 hours.

Integration of Acoustics

Acoustic Luminaires

You may have learned from our recent post on acoustic solutions that we were the first lighting company in the world to supply acoustic luminaire solutions. As disruptive sound has become a significant problem in the modern workplace, acoustic solutions have become an essential part of the design. Lightnet offers acoustic Ringo Star pendants with four acoustic options (Green Moss, Yellow Felt, Graphite Felt or White Perforated). 

Think Green with Environmental Packaging

At Dlight, we think green and so do Lightnet! 

Not only are Lightnet luminaires one of the best in class in terms of efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. They also think green from start to finish – all packaging is made of recycled materials! Lightnet have also made the decision to not use chrome due to its negative impact on our environment. 

Dlight engineers have selected luminaires for Lightnet for many recent projects to meet the stringent energy demands of the project brief. Examples of this include AIB Customer & Corporate HQ and Global Banking Corporate HQ, whereby Dlight engineers and designers followed CIBSE office lighting guides to ensure best practice in terms of energy efficiency. Furthermore, Lightnet has recently 

This sustainable approach concerning luminaire selection ensures that the occupiers can minimise both operational costs and environmental impact. 


Would you like to learn more about Lightnet? Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have – We are here to help!