Architectural Lighting Newsletter from Lightnet

It is an exciting year for one of our partners; Lightnet. They brought out their 2018 catalogue with new, innovative ideas such as Virtual reality, Augmented reality and a line of new luminaires.

A PDF copy of their 2018 Newsletter for Architectural Lighting is available here.

This 64-page document is full of the most advanced luminaires from Lightnet in a range of shapes and sizes to suit space from a bedroom to a large library or public space. Lightnet is a very exciting brand from a lighting designers point of view because they are always pushing the limits of luminaires and trying to improve them in both efficiency and style.

The midpoint range got some updates too. The range is comprised of LED spotlights and downlights. All are rated IP20 and are very energy efficient. The range covers pretty much any need that you could have when it comes to spotlights and downlights and are very versatile. You can even get dichroic colour filters if you desire.

Basic Neo is the newest development in the successful Basic family from Lightnet. The overall height of only 35mm is free of any irritating attached elements or spacers and comes with LED’s, optics and converter – and if desired, also emergency-light modules and radar sensors. Basic Neo is available in white, silver, graphite, titanium and copper, and can also be painted optionally.