Artemide Receives Five Prestigious Reddot Awards (2017)

The Red Dot Award is one of the most important international awards in design and for a single company to win five awards in a single year is astonishing. Here are all the products which won Artemide the awards this year.


Artemide and Mercedes-Benz are famous for the exclusivity of their design and the creation of icons. Two international leaders in their respective fi elds enter into partnership to design new synergies. Through a transparent form and a dynamic light, it creates a countless number of scenarios. The interaction between pure forms and asymmetric volume triggers a dynamic and deeply emotional tension. The transparent body allows the light to be both direct and partially refracted. A countless number of chromatic atmospheres can be created with the use of an innovative RGBW spot.


Alphabet of Light

Signed by the study of architecture BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, is a modular system of luminous elements that create a new font of light. Few basic modules allow you to draw the light with words and symbols. This is not only a communicative sign but also a seriously high quality luminaire.



Designed by Ernesto Gismondi, Discovery is an expression of a deep knowledge of light and its perceptual quality. Discovery has an essential geometry: a lightweight profile where is located a strip Led which injects light into a transparent PMMA surface of new conception. Discovery is an element that does not invade the environment, totally absent and dematerialized, acquires volume when it is switched on by the light that draws the central issuer surface.



signed by Giulio Iacchetti, is based on the combination of simple optical and mechanical components, a system that grows in a free and unpredictable way, adapting to the spaces in the geometry, aesthetics and in the luminous performance. It consists of a linear binary module, an articulation that allows connections at any angle, even on vertical surfaces, and different light heads. The track has a structure designed to accommodate an innovative printed circuit board that supports the luminous bodies with a magnetic coupling.


Les Danseuses

Designed by Atelier Oi is a suspension lamp that is inspired by the dance, by the harmonic movement of the fabric that plays nicely with the air resistance. Les Danseuses is a project that involves poetry with air and light, emotion and surprise, energy and environmental quality: tige is mounted on a motor, which moves the fabric, and an optical body that produces a diffused light.