Vibia is a global lighting company, founded in 1987 and based in Barcelona. Its aim is to improve the world through a single aspiration: creating better spaces to live. The designs of Vibia lights result from fruitful collaboration with different design teams continuously generating new and exciting designs, one it’s most recent being Plusminus, designed by Diez Office.

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Light Without Limits: Shaping Atmospheres With Plusminus

Plusminus is a system that can be quickly and easily installed in any space, and its conductive textile belt allows it to adapt to meet any demand covering a wide range of capabilities. Each belt, which can be cut as needed, accommodates multiple luminaries and operates with simple plug-in technology for unparalleled ease of installation and connection. The belt offers adjustments in tension from taut to relaxed as well as click-and-connect functionality, snapping into a buckle attached to each luminaire.

Its simplicity and flexibility that runs through a travelling display are key to Diez’s design.

Designed to conform to any kind of architecture, professionals can personalise their configuration, conducting light with complete freedom by drawing the belt to the desired position. Pendants, chandeliers, track lighting or spots provide different levels of diffuse and focused illumination, all from the same single point of connection.

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