Bring the light with you with our top 10 portable lights

Create an atmosphere wherever you go with top quality cordless lights. Our team have selected their Top 10 Portable Lamps, whether it’s for a cosy reading nook indoors or to create warm ambiance in your outdoor space. Not only are they sustainable, these lightweight versatile maps can provide up to 20 hours of illumination. Add a pop of colour to that outdoor dining table or create an inviting atmosphere whether gathering with friends on those autumn evenings. These clever lamps charge using a USB port and can be carried cord free from room to room or to bring the inside outdoors. They are also dimmable so you can change the light intensity as the evenings get darker.

Marset FollowMe

Designed by Inma Bermúdez, 2014

The FollowMe lamp is a popular and versatile lighting option that has become a design icon in a short period of time. Its simple and airy design, tilting shade, and adjustable light intensity make it a practical and beautiful lamp.

They have a classic tilting white polycarbonate shade that provides direct light for reading and also have a three-position dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity according to your preference.

One of the great features of these lamps is that they are cordless. They are powered by a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery that can last anywhere from 5 to 20 hours, depending on the intensity setting. Charging is made easy with the USB-C input.

Marset Bicoca

Designed by Christophe Mathieu, 2017

Bicoca portable lamp is a great addition to any personal space. This stylish and lightweight lamp is made of polycarbonate and is designed with basic geometric shapes. The tiltable shade allows you to direct the light in any direction you choose.

One of the most impressive accessories of the Bicoca is its powerful magnet, which allows you to attach the lamp to any metal surface, even vertical walls! Additionally, it comes with an armchair accessory that can be draped over any armrest, sofa back, or headboard, allowing you to move the lamp to all of your personal reading spaces.

Bicoca also offers a wide range of shade colors to fit any taste and decor. It’s small size & versatility makes it a must-have to add warmth and light to any space.


Marset Dipping Light

Designed by Jordi Canudas, 2018

The Dipping Light is a stunning example of a designer lamp that not only serves its purpose in providing light but also excites with its use of color and texture. The unique process used in creating this lamp involves dipping a lit bulb into paint several times, resulting in circles of paint that capture and moderate the intensity of the light. Each lamp is crafted through an artisanal process, ensuring that it is a unique and exclusive creation.

The table version of the lamp comes in several sizes, including a stand-alone portable version with the base of the lamp is available in a choice of finishes, either brushed brass or graphite.

Jordi Canudas, the designer behind the Dipping Light, seeks to experiment with light, always looking to learn from it and capture its essence. His approach to design is evident in the beauty and uniqueness of the Dipping Light, which serves not only as a functional piece but also an eye-catching design element on a table, shelf, or bedside.

Marset Chispa

Designed by Joan Gaspar, 2020

The Chispa lamp is the perfect solution for outdoor lighting. Designed by Joan Gaspar, it is portable, rechargeable, cordless and waterproof certified with IP44 accreditation.

Its design mimics a garage lamp, but it is lighter and more useful, with three settings for illumination that conveys warm light.

The structure protected by a grate that surrounds the light source, making it a unique addition to your outdoor space. The lamp also has an accessory that allows you to hang it.

Available in orange, blue, green, and black version with copper details, Chispa evoking creativity is the perfect outdoor companion.











Flos Bellhop Table

Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, 2018

Just like a modern-day candle, rechargeable via a micro-USB connector, Bellhop is a wireless table lamp radiating anti-glare light.

Rechargeable direct light table lighting device. Base and dome in coloured PC. Diffuser in Opaline injection moulded photo-engraved PC. 24-hours’ autonomy, charging via Micro-USB-C. Push-button switch positioned on the base provides the 4-step dimmer function. Battery status indicator positioned under the base. USB-C charging cable included, useful length 120cm.

Flos Last Order

It is a rechargeable, dimmable table lamp that diffuses light through a transparent solid crystal base whose shape makes reference to architectural typology of the ancient column. The top cover comes in a combination of different metal and colour finishes: stainless steel, brass, satin copper or green opal coating .

Vibia Mayfair Mini

Designed by Diego Fortunato

Designed by Diego FortunatoMayfair Mini is a little lamp with a lot of personality. Bringing a contemporary twist to the classic 19th-century bouillotte table lamp, it comes in a range of finishes: warm white, beige, terracotta and green. The Mayfair Mini collection makes a striking statement in a small-scale design. Featuring an intriguing play of straight lines and curved contours, its sculptural silhouette exudes an elegant equilibrium. This portable companion brings a sense of joy and wellbeing to your life, no matter what your style or mood.






















Gubi Obello Lamp

Designed by Bill Curry

With a frosted, mouth-blown glass shade, an integrated dimmable-LED light source, the rechargeable lamp can easily be moved between inside and out. With a complete charge in four and a half hours, providing up to 40 hours of light, Obello can create a cosy atmosphere as the sun starts to set and last well into the night. The Obello Lamp is an iconic space-age design that will make a strong statement, either as a playful centerpiece or a point of interest within any outdoor space.

Brokis Knot Battery

Designed by, Chiarmonte Marin

The Knot collection of pendant lights has been expanded to include a portable outdoor version with up to six hours of battery power on a single charge allowing you to change the atmosphere from room to room, indoor and outdoor. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent handblown glass.

Knot Battery is IP44 compliant for outdoor use. Charging is by means of a convenient magnetic connector in the lower part of the light making it both sophisticated and flexible, ideal for lighting an outdoor space or adding a special touch to a social event.

Aromas del Campo, Lind

Designed by Augustin Gascòn

Dimmable, rechargeable & portable Lind’s bold yet minimalist design makes the perfect statement to any interior. Available in brass or black finishes contrasted against an alabaster shade, this sturdy yet elegant piece will be a feature wherever you place it.












by the Dlight team