Dea Della Luce Series from Karizma Luce

Karizma Luce is a Dutch manufacturer of premium led lighting solutions characterised by their Italian design and high-performance for commercial and residential applications. Karizma Luce guarantees a high-quality finish through the use of top-quality components and product design. This sought-after lighting brand ensures an unprecedented lighting experience combined with great aesthetics and outstanding performance.

The Dea Della Luce series is top-rated amongst the team at Dlight. Why is this? The dlight team has high-praise for the abundance of finish options and the overall versatility and performance for starters. A five-year warranty across the range instils confidence in the quality of the series, and the ability to match collections makes it a great addition to a lighting project. Furthermore, we can create the desired atmosphere thanks to the various dimming and control options, such as Casambi, Dali, Phase-Cut dimming, dim to warm and Tunable White.

Dea Della Luce offers an entirely new lighting experience when it comes to customising your selected downlight. Choose from various sizes, a black or white light fitting, different light colours and dim to warm.

Never before has lighting been so at one with its surroundings, and this is particularly true for the Dea Della Luce series with reflectors available in seven different colour variants: gold, silver, chrome, white, black gloss, matt black and copper (the most recent addition for 2021).

reflector options karizma luce

The light source and reflectors are positioned deeper within the Dea Della Luce series, and the result is an elegant pure light without the glare or visibility of the light source itself. This tasteful design brings a sophisticated aesthetic, especially when paired with other members of the series. Whatever you choose, this exclusive line will enrich every interior, lifting the lighting experience in hotels, clubs, restaurants, offices or luxury homes to an entirely new level.

We have supplied Dea Della Luce track lighting on large-scale office projects and recessed lighting on several residential lighting projects in recent months, receiving nothing but positive feedback from our clients.

Dea Amata 

De AMata from Karizma Luce

Dea Amata is one of the most popular recessed luminaires in the series. We have used Dea Amata on many projects in recent months, receiving a great response from our clients. This recessed luminaire works particularly well in kitchen areas due to its deepened lamp location, ensuring that unwanted glare and reflection are a thing of the past.

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Dea Carmenta

dea carmenta spotlight

Dear Carmenta is an adjustable luminaire offering low-glare, making it an excellent choice for many applications. Dea Carmenta sleek and sophisticated design make it an ideal option for residential and commercial environments to make a strong visual impact.

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Dea Concordia

Dea Concordia

The adjustable Dea Concordia downlight offers a modern and charming recessed aesthetic. The twin light sources and reflectors are deep-set, preventing glare while providing a classy look and feel.

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Dea Juno 

Dea Juno

Despite its compact size, you will immediately notice the luxurious Dea Juno 3-phase track spotlight by Karizma Luce. We have used Dea Juno track lighting on several office lighting projects in recent times, and it proves to be a real eye-catcher fit for the purpose intended. 

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Dea Feronia 

dea feronia luminaire

Dea Feronia is one of the latest additions to the Dea Della Luce series. This solution creates impressive accent illumination, thanks to the two adjustable tubes. Dea Feronia offers a beam angle of 34° and the choice of seven different reflector options and three colour temperatures, making Dea Feronia is suitable for many project types.

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Learn more about the entire Dea Della Luce series, including Dea Pallas, Dea Vesta and Dea Cura or contact us to schedule a call with one of our lighting consultants.