Exclusive Distributors for OLEV

We are delighted to become the exclusive distributors for OLEV in Ireland. The Italian lighting brand was founded in 2015 by Andrea Lanaro, who followed on the path of his family business with over 50 years of experience in the lighting industry. 

Nuance Acoustic Luminaires

The company has dedicated itself to the research, analysis, and the application of LED technology with particular attention to its numerous characteristics and benefits. Efficient, sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly – OLEV’s selection of LED lighting is the perfect synthesis of advanced technology and unique design.

The lighting solutions are highly versatile and allow for various combinations and applications. OLEV lighting fixtures adjust according to specific requirements, and for this reason, they work in office, retail, restaurants, hospitality and private homes.

Olev Lamps Brass

At Dlight, we focus on using the best solution possible for the client, having supplied many acoustic luminaires to lighting projects in recent years, we were intrigued by some of the acoustic lighting solutions from OLEV, including the Exagon collection and Irving Silence for starters.

OLEV has worked to reduce the noise in indoor environments using lightweight elements which combine sound-absorbing technology and spectacular lighting design. When it comes to material choices, natural lichen was a perfect choice, as it has certified sound-absorbing properties, it stays fresh and soft over time, and it doesn’t require watering. It is also fire-resistant, antistatic and constitutes a hostile environment for insect reproduction.

Acoustic Lighting

OLEV  lighting solutions are designed to vary according to the time of the day or the desired atmosphere using ‘dim to warm’ and ‘biolight system’ technology, and this is important from a human-centric perspective. The Dlight team continue to be impressed by OLEV’s commitment to research and innovation. One of our core values at Dlight is to provide visual and acoustic comfort of those who spend a lot of time in office, hospitality or commercial environments. 


Poly Esagno from Olev

Would you like to learn more about OLEV light?

If you would like more information on OLEV solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or download OLEV’s latest catalogue. We would also encourage you to visit OLEV Light’s brand page to learn more.