Preferred Partners for Grok Lighting Ireland

We are delighted to announce that we are now the preferred partners of Grok Lighting in Ireland. 

Grok is part of the LEDS C4 Group, a company with over 40 years of experience in 140 countries throughout the world, both LEDS C4 and Grok have become cherished names in the lighting world within this time. Grok’s mission is to contribute to people’s well-being by creating architectural elements that emphasise the fine details that make unique ambiences and singular settings. 

Grok is a lighting brand that combines excellent design and individuality to create truly unique spaces. Many consider their pieces to be sculptures that stand out for their simplicity: each piece is a quest for substance and style. They aim to design a range of modern lighting products that are attractive and unconventional. Many of Grok’s pieces provide flexibility and creative freedom, as seen in the “Tubs Modular” collection.

Grok Designers

Grok Lighting Designers

Grok is constantly seeking out new designers who can bring fresh ideas and concepts to light. These designers strive for maximum artistic appeal in the simplicity of objects, feeling without losing functionality and attention to detail. The result is a collection of products with a fresh, high-tech and timeless character.

Grok has worked with designers like Nahtrang Disseny, Yonoh, Celine Wright, Franceso Vilaro, Iratzoki Lizaso, Benedito Design, Wid Design, Joel Karlsson and Krook & Tjader Design, to name a few. 

Grok Lighting Solutions

Circular by Benedito Design

Grok Circular in Irish Home

We first came across Circular by Benedito Design at Light+Building in 2018, only to be left captivated by the impact that this solution has on a space. A piece that combines design and architecture to create lighting for spacious settings. Its timeless design gives it character and perfectly illuminates areas of high architectural value.

Grok Circular Vertical

The vertical configuration of the Circular is seen in the above image. This family provides a premium contemporary design that offers maximum versatility, blending formats, finishes and light directionality.

Shoemaker by Joel Karlson

Shoemaker Sound-Absorbing Pendant

Shoemaker features a felt shade that brings warmth and reduces noise in a space, making it an ideal solution for restaurants, offices, and an abundance of other areas where sound becomes an issue. 

Small Shoemaker Pendant from Grok

The smart LED technology enables optimal light temperatures and light intensity control, helping to create maximum visual comfort for those within the space. The Shoemaker suspension light is available in two sizes, as seen in the above images.

Invisible by Francesc Vilaró

Invisible Collection from Grok Lighting

Invisible is a complete collection of table, pendant, floor and wall fixtures with intrinsic iconic quality. The simplicity of this collection makes it unique and gives it authenticity and individual identity. This collection’s unique, timeless and versatile design means it can be adapted to suit all types of spaces from residential to commercial.

Invisible Wall Lights in Home Office

The flexibility of its parts enables the light to be controlled easily and directed wherever it is needed.

Tubs by Nahtrang Design

Tubs Wall Light

Tubs is an architectural collection designed by Nathrang Studio for Vibia. A complete collection of minimalistic solutions from floor to ceiling, but what excites us most is Tubs Modular’s configuration capabilities.

 Modular Tubs Solution from Grok Lighting

Tubs Modular seeks ways to structure open spaces spatially, to create lattice shapes with air and light and linear forms that enhance a room. Modular becomes a living element capable of infinite expansion but also be designed in smaller versions and adapted to smaller spaces. 

Ilargi by Iratzoki Lizaso

Ilargi Pendant By Grok

Ilargi offers a subtle, minimalist design consisting of a wooden rod inserted into a hand-blown glass ball. Basque Studio Iratzoki Lizaso provides a pleasant lighting experience through a Polish glassblowing technique that results in a spectacular lighting collection. The Ilargi table lamp offers a warm, soft light that contributes to the overall atmosphere when combined with other members of the collection.

If you wish to learn more about architectural designs from Grok, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to download the latest catalogue to unveil a true understanding of this brand.