Introducing STEELIT® Ireland

We are proud to introduce STEELIT® as official distributors to Ireland. 

Classic 8 Steel door from Steelit

The STEELIT® range of steel-framed door offers an array of styles with slim-profile frames that can completely transform a space, allowing you to cleverly partition areas, without compromising on space or light. All doors can be viewed on Porta’s new website.

Steel Framed door from Critall

When we first engaged with STEELIT®, it quickly became apparent that the quality of these doors was second to none. This is a brand that offers a high-quality 100% handmade finish with an exceptional level of attention to detail. Finished with utmost care with an impact-resistant powder coating and textured to ensure easy maintenance and years of enjoyment.

steelit handles

With STEELIT®, you bring artisan class into your space that will stand the test of time with a ten-year guarantee. All doors are made with passion and craftsmanship with years of experience working with steel. This superior finish is available in both Classic, Modern and Modular versions, as single, double or sliding doors. This extensive choice of designs and finishes are available in standard dimensions, dramatically reducing the costs compared to bespoke solutions, and providing quick delivery times for our customers.

Let’s explore the STEELIT® range…

STEELIT® Doors and Duo

Classic 8 Steel door from Steelit

A hard collision or strong wind and these steel interior doors will not budge. The welded hinges ensure that the door and frame form a solid whole with a stylish appearance. A choice of two solid door handles (more coming soon!) furnishes theses doors with a touch of class. Discover the full collection of STEELIT® doors.


STEELIT® Slide and Slide Duo

modern sliding steelit door

The STEELIT® Slide and Slide Duo range offers an authentic and timeless design featuring two quality roller guides. Each sliding door also features a soft-close system that characterises the STEELIT® range. Learn more about Slide and Slide Duo from STEELIT®.


STEELIT® Slide Intense and Slide Intense Duo

Modern 4 sliding door

The STEELIT® Slide Intense doors feature a sleek black aluminium rail and alike the Slide range are available with the soft-close system as standard. These doors hang from two top-mounted brackets that are neatly concealed by the track. Browse the Slide Intense Range.


STEELIT® Modular

Modular steel framed door with windows

The Modular Collection offers various options for larger door openings – giving you a choice to add top & side windows to your single or double STEELIT®  steel-framed door. Browse the Modular Range.


Want to learn more about the entire STEELIT® range? Visit Porta to learn more about starting prices, sizing, styles and more.