Lighting Up The Pharmaceutical Sector

The Pharmaceutical sector often requires very precise and specific lighting solutions for laboratories and clean rooms. The work carried out in these environments is exact and critical, often with the need for climate control in the clean rooms and laboratories. Therefore the lighting needs to be meticulously chosen and fitted with pinpoint precision for its specific purpose. Dlight has a wealth of experience working in this sector and given that we are an engineering-led lighting company we will have a solution for every application.

Creating a good industrial pharmaceutical lighting system involves considering numerous design criteria while taking into account the visual tasks involved and the operating conditions at the facility. DLight discusses the appropriate quantities of light for various tasks as well as the quality issues that are equally important to provide a comfortable and safe working environment. An ideal lighting intensity for office is 300-500 lux. It should be about 400 lux in all production areas and above 300 lux in sampling and dispensing should be higher than normal in inspection areas in order to see things in greater detail. Generally, an inspection room needs its light to have the intensity above 500 lux. Monitoring of the light intensity in all areas including manufacturing, stores, clean rooms and laboratories should be done yearly.

DLight have worked on many large Internal & External industrial pharmaceutical projects since 2010 delivering LED solutions to all. Clients we have delivered such lighting solutions for include; Bausch & Lomb Waterford, Sanofi Genzyme, Medtronic, Abbvie, fidelity green and GSK. Our brand partners on these projects included Lightnet, Proled and Buck. Technological processes happening in the pharmaceutical industry demands many fittings to have an IP 55 degree level of protection. The products included were highly efficient recessed and surface mounted luminaires for direct illumination, full visual comfort is always ensured with the latest optical and electrical components. Some of our pharmaceutical projects required in-house bespoke fittings to be manufactured like the most recent one undertaken for Fidelity Green. Dlight used Proled strip lighting and profile with an opal diffuser to create custom length luminaires for specific areas of the Fidility Green plant.