Lightnet’s Beam Me Up

Over the last number of years we have seen the model of how we work change. With hybrid working not going anywhere, companies have to change their culture & look to make their offices more like their workforce’s home while the employee strives to make a workspace in their living space.

The boundaries between office space and living space is becoming blurred. People want their workspace to be as comfortable as home yet their home also becomes their workspace, where professional lighting is required.

Many lighting designers have picked up on this trend and Lightnet’s Beam me up can provide this solution. The archetypal design creates a homely atmosphere and at the same time provides professional light – the archetype of a luminaire combined with highly professional lighting technology, as required in modern architecture.

From mini desk option to floor lamp and wallwasher, the collection has it all!

Beam Me Up T1 | Mini Table Office

LED task light with rebated lens optic set in a decorative ring. The luminaire shade is made of high quality processed fiberglass. Outer housing and decorative reflector ring comes in various finishes and combinations, e.g. white, silver, graphite, black, gold or copper coated. Microprismatic screen with for glare free illumination ideal for workplaces. Intuitive pole mounted control panel for dimming and switching the direct/indirect light separately.

Beam Me Up (Wallwasher) A4 | Surface

LED surface mounted luminaire with rebated diffuser set in a decorative ring. Direct only light distribution for walls and ceilings with wide asymmetrical beam angle. The luminaire shade is made of high quality processed fiberglass and the decorative reflector ring is available in various finishes and combinations, .e,g white, silver, black, gold or copper coated. Driver integrated into luminaire,switchable or dimmable control options.

Beam Me Up (Deep) G1/P1 | Suspended

LED pendant luminaire with direct-indirect light distribution. Microprismatic screen for glare-free illumination with optional opal diffuser for enhanced light transmission and perfect uniform illumination. Luminaire body is of high-quality processed FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and available in different dimensions. Inner and outer surfaces available in unique colour-combinations. LED drivers dimmable and standard LED colour temperature. Height adjustable cord suspension for central installation with transparent power supply cable.