Magic Circus’s Chandelier a mastery of brass and glass

Magic circus presents a lighting collection designed to create magical interiors. this original range created in 2015 has been developed out of the personal preferences and tastes of company founder Marie-Lise Fery, art school graduate turned iconoclastic antique dealer. her experience as a dealer has given her the opportunity to develop her own eye for style, expand her client base, create daring contrasts and test her room presentation and decoration skills in a series of projects.

Magic Circus Chandelier 01: This showcased chandelier is a theatrical lighting piece of imposing volume which offers a floating deconstruction of the 20th century Sputnik space probe through the association of brass with hand blown glass in an explosion of excitement. The contrast between the air-light hand blown spheres and the density of the brass spheres challenges our perception of weight and weightlessness.

Magic Circus Pendant 01:Produced in six different heights, is this pendant piece really a pendant at all? Depending on the height adopted, it can be a bedside lamp, a reading lamp or
a design device to structure space. Here, Marie-Lise Fery encourages the illusion
of lightness and movement by exploiting the imaginary voyage of the lamp through space.