Maison et Objet is the barometer of interior style for the coming year. The September show, which has just come to a close, is a melting pot of all the best-established brands and upcoming new designers showcasing their latest collections. The sprawling French trade fair features the latest in interior and product design has become a fluent signifier of global savoir-faire — and an increasingly citywide event.



“House of Games” was the theme for this September edition at Maison et Objet Paris created by the hand of the scenographer Vincent Grégoire. Step into the game, a world full of signs, shapes, colours and tales, to reinitiate the creative mind. Our playfulness is fed by the aesthetics of board games, games of chance and games of balance. Chessboards, pawns, playing cards, dice, dominos, tarot, etc. Anything is a reason to have fun. The rules of this game? To bring drama to décor, to bet on joyous and elegant maximalism, to play the card of Strange Beauty. In the luxury of this new decorative art, the colour red trumps all others. Sensuous materials and precious know-how are a winning bet. Games play with rules, times, styles and genres. Dada collages and the juxtaposition of heteroclite elements shuffle the cards of unexpectedness. The dice are cast. It’s your turn to play.

Check out the preview videos and images below to see what Maison et Objet is all about.