The New Molto Luce Spotlight Range – 2 GO

Are you are a perfectionist and expect the best quality and the most convenient solution all at once? Then you will certainly appreciate the new Molto Luce spotlight range 2 GO.

Molto Luce’s product developers did an amazing job and reduced a highly efficient spotlight on the most important elements. The quality of this spotlight meets the highest expectations. Furthermore the spotlight is composed only of nine parts and in addition, it is optimized for robot-assembling. All in all, that led to a tremendous time saving and to significantly reduced total costs.

Maximum flexibility
As innovative spotlight with all essential performances, Molto Luce’s spotlight 2 GO provides all convincing values. 2 GO also brings high level of flexibility which is very important in retail. The spotlight made of aluminium is available in three surface colours and can be delivered in standard but also in special light colours.
This is a great advantage for delicate products as well as for groceries, bridal fashion and paper. Furthermore, it is possible to achieve five beam angles with one identical spotlight body which leads to a significantly more uniform visual appearance of the lighting solution. With one restored reflector, the spotlight ensures improved glare limitation that will provide consumers noticeable more wellbeing.

Shapelier minimalism in design
In contrast to the maximal performance rating of 2GO, the range shows maximal minimalism in its design. Since the converter is directly integrated into the spotlight head, there is no need for an irritating, external driver box. Optically the spotlight per se is a highlight. Even a lot more it convinces in cases of multiple application in the shop because nothing disrupts the clear style of the lighting system.

Wall-washer enables a homogeneous light from 1st to 3rd level
This is unique on the market. With 2 GO a homogeneous surface illumination through modern wall-washer optic is perfectly harmonized with rotationally symmetrical light. In this way, the shop can be illuminated consistently by one unique spotlight design. Separate spotlight for banner illumination is not necessary anymore.

Contact the team at Dlight for more information on this product, if necessary a working sample will also be available.