Forestier…20 years of creativity and 12 designers

When a company moves on to a new stage in its history as Forestier is today, this is with the goal of preparing a brighter, design-driven future, while retaining the notions of creativity, poetry and nature as its watchwords.

Protecting the core values of yesteryear while embracing those of tomorrow, never losing sight of the need to be demanding, benefiting from high-quality, an excellent image and selectivity. Continue reading…

Nimbus’s attention to detail

Nimbus is constantly extending its product portfolio in its mission to create a unique experience in our use of light. Slimmer, more compact, more mobile, more efficient and easier to install – these are just a few of the characteristics displayed by Nimbus’s new products: Continue reading…

Lightnet glow in Frankfurt

Lightnet have been specialists in their field of professional building illumination for almost 15 years. More than 200 members of staff pursue the goal daily of inspiring Lightnet customers with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaires. Continue reading…

Ringo Star appears in Dublin

In 2014 Dlight won the contract to design and supply Yahoo European HQ where we worked with Lightnet to design an Acoustic Luminaire over 2Meters in diameter bespoke to the requirements of client. This project was completed in February 2015.

Dlight was shortlisted for Best Office Fit Lighting project

Super Modular Busy as a Bee

Its no coincidence that the name of Super Modulars new fixture was based on the verb ‘to evade’.

Vaeder obstinates as it is goes its own way in the world of office lighting and tries to escape the ordinary.

Vaeder stands out from the crowd with its characteristic honeycomb structure, which in combination with the wafer-thin diffuser, reduces glare to a minimum. The innovative LED lighting that was used for Vaeder has a strong impact on energy-efficiency and thereby makes this a highly recommended office fixture. Vaeder performs well, both in an energy-efficient and ergonomic office environment, as in a home office.