Hospitality Lighting

Over the last decade, Dlight has acquired extensive experience within the hospitality industry, from restaurants and hotels to bars, cafes and other venues. We strive to create the desired atmosphere, whether luxurious, fun, friendly, exhilarating or something entirely different, that attracts your favoured clientele.

We believe that light is the most crucial element in creating an atmosphere that provokes emotion and transforms moods for the better. Every space has inherent characteristics that work with a lighting system to prompt positive human responses, and our expertise is in uncovering this.

The Dlight team has a strong background in design and the ability to develop robust aesthetic solutions that perform to the highest standard. In addition, we provide energy-efficient, sustainable & low maintenance solutions that provide justification and cost-effectiveness for the client.

All in all, our end goal is to help our clients to achieve a visual and emotional impact that strengthens brand experiences while lowering carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Some of our most recent high-end projects include Mount Juliet Estate, Urban Brewing & Montalto Estate.