Office Lighting

At Dlight we look at every office environment differently, no company culture is the same, no office space is the same…

Not only can a good lighting system improve the aesthetics of your work environment, but it can also equip your office with the needs and operational requirements that will allow your business to get the most out of every single working day.

The lighting within an office space can have a tremendous impact on workforce productivity and well-being. Humancentric lighting supports cognition, sleeping patterns and contributes to our general wellness through syncing to our circadian rhythm.

Workstation lighting is fundamental when it comes to productivity and well-being, ergonomically designed task lighting is one of the most important factors for achieving a good working environment. A whole array of problems can occur from bad lighting, including aches, pains, headaches, eye-strain and fatigue.

Good office lighting design can also reduce overheads through the installation of highly efficient luminaires and control systems. We are quick to adopt the latest technologies within the lighting industry, resulting in more sustainable, efficient and versatile solutions for our clients.

Amongst the team at Dlight, we boast five decades of experience in this area, specialising in both decorative and technical lighting with a plethora of technical product knowledge and creativity to drive pragmatic solutions.

We have completed 60+ projects in the commercial industry, including some of the best office spaces in Ireland. We recommend viewing some of the following projects  РZendesk, Core & Indeed.