Lynda O’Brien

After living away from Tramore for several years through college and travels, I eventually made it home and settled down.

My background is in HR/Recruitment and sales. I am currently very busy with my family and delighted to be working part-time with the wonderful Dlight Team since summer 2021.

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Favourite Lights:

  • Vibia- Dots cone wall lights.
  • Sleek and compact bedside wall reading light. Love it.
Inspiration: Reaching the stage of my life where I’m sitting at my Italian cliffside villa watching the sunset with my family. Bliss
Luck or Hard Work: Hard Work is always the main factor in achieving success. I’m sure in some cases a little luck has a part to play.
Looking Back: Always look forward
Chillin: Sea swimming
Favourites: The English Patient – Everything about it – Story, Cinematography, Music and Ralph Fiennes
Music: Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, Tori Amos
Food: Thai Food
Favourite Location/City: Ireland – Clonakility (Red strand) Aboard: Croatian coastline
Book: Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte (Fiction all the way Wes!)
Dinner/ Restaurant: My Mums Sunday Roast Dinner / Mulcahy’s Kenmare – Amazing food experience
Other Life: Location finder for Film/TV