Patrick Walshe

I travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and America before settling in Dublin for a year where I worked and enjoyed what the city had to offer. However, Tramore is in my blood and has always been home so I made the decision to move back last year, joined the Dlight team and I haven’t looked back. I love DCW Editions – Here comes the sun pendant. Contact Me or Connect on LinkedIn.

Inspiration: Music, photography and friends
Luck or hard work: Hard work with a bit of luck thrown in
Looking back: Travelling has given me some fantastic memories but there are still plenty more to look forward to
Chillin’: with friends, golfing, photography and some yoga
Favourite Movie: Good Will Hunting (Early Matt Damon flicks)
Favourite Music: House, Deep House, Rock and anything funky
Favourite location/City: Wanaka NZ
Book: ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series of books by Stieg Larsson
Dinner/Restaurant: Whipping up something for friends at home (Mainly Italian)
Other Life: National Geographic Photographer