Radek Goral

Living in Ireland for 8 years already (time flies), recently moved to Tramore and I found out about new Ireland here. After a few months, I can say it’s the best place in Ireland to live. Been extremely lucky to join Dlight team.  Contact Me

Top three lights:

  • Brokis- Memory Lamp- My number 1, it wanna make me come back to being a kid again:)
  • AxoLight- Muse Lamp- Full of colours and possibilities. Perfect to brighten up every home.
  • Marset- Discoco Light- It’s like a blooming flower. Elegant light with the Wow effect that creates atmospheres.
Inspiration: Nature- more of the things around us are inspired by nature.
Luck or Hard Work: It depends. Sometimes you need to work hard and sometimes you're just lucky.
Looking Back: Looking back- to remember the good old days but enjoying the present.
Chillin': Exploring new countries, cities, places. But a picnic-date on the hidden beach sounds great too!
Favourite Movie: Intouchables- the best movie I've seen so far. And Nobody
Book: Too many good books up there. By author it would be: Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, Desmond Bagley...
Music: Music taste changes as you grow up, so recently SuicideSheep channel (niche music-anything but radio)
Favourite Location/City: Perfect Country- Portugal. City- Lisbon. Location- Sintra (few different castles and palaces in one place)
Food: Everything homemade (love cooking for friends/family- pizza, tiramisu, cheesecake, carbonara etc)
Dinner/Restaurant: My homemade pizza from cast iron pan.
Other Life: Traveling around the world by bike or painting the churches, palaces etc in renaissance era