Shane Crowley

Starting my own business was never part of my career path, Dlight was a basic idea to see if I could bring lighting online in Ireland. Little did I think we would have three Irish offices let alone one.
On reflection, I have been very fortunate in the last 12 years to have been given the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients. Designing lighting schemes for many types of different projects, Shire, Core, Yahoo EMEA… During this time I’ve been fortunate to witness the latest groundbreaking technologies in LED, this is groundbreaking as we strive to cut carbon emissions globally. As the human race evolves and possibly overpopulates we need to now live a more efficient lifestyle in every aspect. Lighting uses huge amounts of energy which we take for granted. DLight only promotes energy-efficient lighting schemes as we can recreate the same concept using the latest led lighting technology sourced by our technical team.
With my team in Dlight, we have delivered projects from a wide section of the market, these include Libraries, Public Spaces, Hospitals, Office fit-outs, High-end residential, Industrial & Pharmaceutical projects. With so many different principles involved in the dlight world, it allows us a team to seek new challenges every day which allows each team member to bring their experience to the table.
Since our launch in 2007, we have worked with the best of Architectural & Electrical Consultants in Ireland, every other day brings a new project that we are allowed to dream up the lighting scheme, hence the phrase “creating atmospheres”.

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Inspiration: Willie Williams, who has worked on every U2 Tour.
Getting out of bed: It has to be done, Life is great.
Luck or hard work: Hard Work
Life: Married to the best team, Wife, Kids, Family, Colleagues. They all make it happen.
Looking back: Should have started it 10 years before I regrets though. (DLight)
Chillin': Throwing stones from the Guilamene into the sea with my two boys... then to the garden.
Favourites: Movie: Indiana Jones, Music: Interpol, Colour: Blue
Food: Anything Italian
Favourite location/ City: Home/ Venice Book: Richard Branson Bio
Dinner/ Restaurant: Long grain Restaurant Melbourne/ Gaddis @ The Penninsula Hong Kong
Other Life: Product Designer