Sinead Twomey

Director of Dlight. Background in HR. Mum to two energetic boys which consumes most of my time. Contact Me

Inspiration: My husband Shane, he is the hardest working person I know.
Getting out of Bed: My kids get me out of bed every day…..literally!
Luck or Hard Work: A little of both.
Life: Is fantastic. I have a wonderful family & great friends.
Looking back: I should have travelled more in my 20s, but I’ll make up for it.
Chillin’: At home sitting in front of a blazing fire!
Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing – cheesy but i never get bored of it!
Music: Elbow – One day like this. Oasis, Beatles, Beach Boys.
Dinner/Restaurant: Penninsula-Hong Kong. (snap Shane Crowley)
Other Life: I'm happy with the one I've got, but it would be nice to live somewhere warm!