Mulligans Pharmacy

Kilbarry, Waterford

With the change in consumer patterns and the move to digital sales, the omnichannel experience has become more important than ever.

Retailers are seeing the need for a more dynamic experience in their bricks and mortar stores and lighting plays a key role in how we shop and how the retailer attracts consumers and optimises sales.

Our team completed the design, working closely with the Architect and client, Ronan Mulligan. The objective was to ensure this flagship store stood out from a viewing perspective but also curated to enhance the customers shopping experience as they moved through the store.

As the retail shopping experience evolves, Mulligans continue to stay on point. For this store the vision was to create the best shopping experience, to offer their customers more than just a pharmacy but a shopping experience beyond all expectations and across all touchpoints in the store. It was our role to achieve this in terms of the lighting design.

This project has multiple designs from conceptual stage right through to final delivery, however the client never deviated from their desired design and was always focused on the end user, their customers.

LED Lighting was used throughout helping reduce the overall energy consumption when occupied. The high efficiency of LED and a specific use of the correct optics ensured illumination directly where it was required.

A variety of lighting was used across the store. The main task lighting system included a combination of Lightnet Linear Matric G3, Karizma Luce Tesoro Track Spots, all incorporated into a profile system from OptaLED. This task lighting was supplemented with feature pieces from Bert Frank, LedsC4 and Aromas del Campo to complete a great retail project to be involved in.

Project Details
ClientMulligans Pharmacy
ArchitectMcCabe Design Group
ContractorCheevers Electrical Limited