Signify Health

Bonham Quay, Galway

Signify Health, a leading global company formed in the US required a high-end office fitout to set up an EU headquarters. The project was split over two floors with an emphasis on open-plan flexible spaces that can change dynamically to suit the needs of the business. The client also wanted to ensure the views out from the office spaces were uninhibited. This aspect of the project was a challenge to overcome. Dlight was tasked with creating flexible lighting solutions based on CBRE look and feel document. Following discussions with CBRE during some workshops we created the ‘spaghetti’ lighting systems that were presented to us and we knew our brand partner, Lightnet, would be the only brand that could do these complex structures.

Metec set out the requirements regarding lighting controls and the relevant energy efficiency standards we needed to achieve. Our team took this brief to bring the lighting on the project to life with four large bespoke lighting structures to give the space a wow factor while also keeping the lovely views of Bonham Quay intact. We also ensured all lighting was compatible with the Day Light harvesting system that automatically dims the lighting to a preset level to ensure the spaces were not overlit while also ensuring adequate lighting levels for each relevant task being completed

During this project, a careful eye was kept on the overall power density of the lighting which was required to be submitted to the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) to ascertain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Credit points. This focuses on the embodied energy within building products as well as their operating efficiencies to award credits to a sustainable approach and application of relevant technology. Allowing a full DALI Daylight control system allowed the lighting to be automatically dimmed to the required lux levels, reducing the overall energy consumption.

The breakout spaces required a slightly different approach to the lighting as we wanted their personnel to unwind, relax and disconnect from work while within these spaces. Allowing for more decorative lighting allowed these spaces to break away from the general office environment which we feel is important for wellness & wellbeing. However, decorative lighting is not as efficient as main task lighting but with the high efficiency of Lightnet’s Liquid line structures, this allowed for the decorative products to be installed without affecting the overall LEED credits.

LEED Gold was achieved on this project along with Gold in WELL and a BER of A3, resulting in a lower operating and building cost, thus saving carbon emissions being released into the environment. With this award achieved CBRE, Dlight and Metec delivered a highly efficient project which exceeded the client’s vision and hit all the major milestones required for an extremely efficient building.


Lighting Project of the Year Finalist

Project Details
ClientSignify Health
ArchitectCBRE Ireland
EngineersMetec Consulting Engineers
Contractor:King & Moffat
Address:Bonham Quay, Galway, Ireland