JJ Ruddles Bar & Restaurant

Shannon Airport

Dlight was tasked with the lighting design and supply for JJ Ruddles Bar & Restaurant at Shannon Airport, Co. Limerick. Dlight selected a range of ambient lighting products that brought elegance to this project. The Dlight team first considered the mindset of the passenger embarking on a journey via. Shannon Airport, they concluded with a lighting design that had an ambient feel to help passengers relax before a flight.

Tess Stanford was the interior designer on this project, much to the delight of our team. The Tess Stanford Interior Design brand stands for the creation of captivating spaces, exquisite detailing and above all, consumer experience.  They focus on creating spaces for your target market, our designs are anchored in your brand story and physical manifestations of your culture.

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Project Details
ClientJJ Ruddles
DesignersTess Stanford
AddressShannon Airport